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Do you yearn for deeper connection with yourself
and with others?

Would you like to discover how to strengthen your personal power and attract the intimacy you long for?

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heart resonance

The Heart Resonance workshop is a full-day event designed to open your heart to deep love and forgiveness.

This intimate workshop joins together a small group of participants for the purpose of self-discovery and heart opening realizations.

Giving and receiving mutual support within the climate of spiritual integrity has the power to reveal your spirit back to you. A spiritual community can reflect your true self in a way that helps you welcome your feelings and beliefs, your longing and needs, and your spirit.

“Linda is a skilled facilitator who, with grace and ease, creates connection, safety and intimacy within a group. Her evocative crystal bowl sound healing and channeling touch into the deepest recesses of the heart and soul. A beautiful, raw and touching experience! – Ellen

A sacred space for embracing all of you.

Come journey back to your whole self in the company of caring witnesses and with the support of Channeled-healing and group processes.

The Heart Resonance Workshop is a personal-growth circle that supports individual expression and healing with spiritual, creative, and therapeutic group processes.

Issues that arise cover the spectrum of human experience: healing emotional wounds, spiritual emergence, the opening of the heart long closed, addiction struggles, relationship concerns, creativity, talent, right work, and more.

“The group channelling was wonderful. It was spiritual uplifting and so interesting that the 6 hours just flew by.”
– Chris

What to Expect

The workshop is designed to assist you in uncovering your inner resources through interactive sharing and channeled guidance that emerge naturally within the group dynamic. You have the opportunity to not only benefit from channeled messages given to you and your own healing process, but also receive insight and clarity by being part of the interpersonal growth of others.

  • Receive heart-felt guidance and healing from ascended masters.
  • Learn to embrace all of you, body and soul.
  • Shift out of limiting beliefs that prevent you from achieving your full potential.
  • Discover the rich guidance inherent in your thoughts and emotions, and your desires.
  • Open your receiving channel to manifest what you long for.
  • Increase your vital energy and channel creativity in all areas of your life.

“I just loved it! I love realizing that I am the centre of the universe from which I can send love and receive it, and welcome all emotions. It’s hard to describe; you just have to experience it for yourself.”
– Vicki

“The workshop reminded me to not bury things in the past, and learn how to be open to everything, past, present and future, and embrace it all.”
– Don

“I’m taking away an immense sense of love for my existence, and a desire to be conscious of being the centre of my universe, and living this way every day.”
– Mariana

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