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Emerging Yourself in Spiritual Practice

The Ego’s Real Job is to serve our soul

“Your ego-mind is designed to serve your soul, not hinder it. Return to balance by emerging yourself in spiritual practice – in love. Then the ego will support you by surrender its will to the will of Divinity. ~ Masiandia

We tend to want to control the mind, or more specifically it’s the mind that wants control, after all its job is to safeguard us. What better way than to control to effect safety.

The Beauty of the Soul
The Beauty of the Soul

Well that’s what the mind thinks, except that it doesn’t really work. Control has an opposite effect; it creates tension in the body by sending a neuro frequency to the adrenals which activate flight or fight hormones, putting the whole body in a state of  survival.

We support change from a state of balance and rejuvenation

Change, courage, hope, manifesting desires, health… comes from a body that is rejuvenated and balanced, not in survival. Yet even when there is no actual danger, we nonetheless try to control reality.

A spiritual practice such as meditation, nature walks, self-inquiry, compassionate communication, prayer… returns us to balance; it allows us to listen inwards into a deeper part of us – the bodymind – the subconscious. And it’s so freeing to connect inwards – it’s loving. In this way, our ego-mind is no longer a hindrance, but rather a participant in our incarnation – serving the soul by giving it a voice.

Our mind is meant to express the beauty of our soul, and in turn the soul serves to expand our sense of purpose and meaning.


Do you have a regular spiritual practice?

What is your relationship with your inner world?

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