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Be Visible, You Deserve It!

There is a common belief that we must be separate from our spirituality to fit into the work environment.

One of my clients, Daryl (name changed for privacy) carries out an elaborate practice of being as inconspicuous as possible in-office meetings, because she is afraid that she will attract unwanted attention, judgment and criticism, and maybe even jealously from other employees.

Consequently, she complains about physical pain, and she hates her job. By being invisible Daryl feels unseen, not heard, not cared for, and not loved. But what is spirituality if not the freedom to be visible?

Cultivating an intimate relationship with our spirit brings about a profound sense of self-value, and the recognition that being visible attracts support and growth.

We don’t have to espouse our spiritual beliefs to be true to ourselves, but we can take comfort in knowing that we are deserving of well-being and belonging.

Taking A Strong Position

I have encouraged Daryl to take a more significant, life-affirming and strong position in her work so that she can create the change that she longs for and build her self-confidence.

The motto, “Be Visible, You Deserve It,” has since helped her set boundaries in her work-life and speak up in regards to her ideas and opinions. And being visible has strengthened her magnetic attraction, drawing to her the kind of responses from her work colleagues that reflect her renewed sense of self.

In fact, at one point she was quite surprised by her co-worker’s positive interaction. We do deserve to be true to ourselves and honour our voice.

Photo by Vern Minard
Photo by Vern Minard

The Key To Freedom

Exploring our personal beliefs is the key to freedom.

Daryl’s growing understanding of her own beliefs is a source of empowerment that frees her to think outside the box, beyond her initial limiting ideas.

This exploration has evolved into life-experiences not only in her work but in her personal life, experiences that she wouldn’t have imagined possible, and from which she has grown her self-confidence and spirit of adventure.


Channelled Message

“Please do not hide from your brilliance, no matter how frightening it may be to speak up and be heard, no matter how concerned you are of put-downs and conflict, no matter how insecure you may feel. Instead, seek to strengthen your inner voice and express the divine that is within you. Indeed, be visible, be magnetic, be charismatic, be alive, be ‘You’.

“Please do not struggle for love, instead know that it is your birthright. Do not plead for approval or wear a mask to fit in, and do not force others to agree with you in order to feel safe. You are safe!

“When you need love, which is always, give that love to yourself. Fill thyself to overflowing so that others may benefit from the flow of your love too.

“When you need respect, which is right now, give yourself permission to need it.

“When you need to be heard, give yourself permission to be heard because if you don’t, who will?

“When you honour your needs, other people honour your needs. When you listen to yourself, so do others. When you cherish your very existence, universal alignment serves you and fulfills your longing.

“You help others learn to care for you and appreciate you when you are visible indeed, when you love yourself, when you honour your needs when you value who you are!”



Do you tend to put the needs of others before your own?

Have you been feeling undervalued, disrespected, not heard?

Do you yearn for connection, purpose and meaning?

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