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Uncover Your Soul-longing To Set Clear Intentions And Aim True For The New Year.

Uncover your soul-longing to set clear intentions and aim true for the new year.

Your soul seeks to fulfill your dreams – it is the source of your deepest intent.

I asked Masiandia to share a message for the new year. In the video-message: Magnetize Your Energy, the spirits guide us back to our inner flame – the longing that resides at the heart of our every intention. They say that in order to set clear intentions and bring about the manifestation of those intentions, we need to bring our awareness back to the source of what we want. Unless we cultivate an intimate relationship with our longing, how can our intentions be clear – how can we know what to aim for?

Many people mistaken longing for pining, wishing, false hope and loss, but in truth, longing is the magnetic pulse at the center of everything we want. The key here is to connect with the longing – the essence of what is yearned for, not dwell in the undermining hunger. After all, hunger is meant to be acknowledged and nourished, not denied.

Connecting with your longing brings you in direct contact with the nourishment you need because it awakens you to who you truly are. Connection is what matters here – it strengthens your vibrational frequency and aligns your desires with life’s possibilities.

Our longing is the fragrance of what it truly possible in our lives. It is the call from our soul that seeks its natural fulfillment. By connecting inwards with our longing, we cease looking outside of ourselves for its manifestation. Instead, we become powerful magnets, opened from within and in alignment with Source energy.  

New Beginnings

2017 is a universal year-one, and it marks the beginning of the first 9-year cycle since the transition to new earth in 2012. It is a time of new beginning – a time to seed our authentic expression and honour what we truly want in life in order to give it root and see it grow. A universal year-one supports us in making changes, going within for guidance and acting out of integrity – it forms the synergistic energies needed to support our intentions.

“The number 1 is the maestro, the director of activities and events.” … “One is a number of beginning. 2017 bids us all to start something brand new, something that expresses our uniqueness, that uses our leadership abilities, that opens us to new perspectives.” ~ 2017 Numerology Predictions

 “2017 is a 1 Universal Year that promises major changes, increased energy across the board on a worldwide scale, and new directions for many of us, as countries reach out to each other or turn their backs on age-old alliances. This will be a year of technical breakthroughs and vast economics and political shifts. However, while those changes make all the noise and get all the attention, the most significant transformation will be an unprecedented rise in global awareness concerning idealistic and spiritual matters.” ~ Hans Decoz

Masiandia, “As a spiritual devote – a person whose sense of purpose is marked by generosity and empathy, 2017 will bring about your utmost self-belief, trust in Divine providence and the willingness to surrender your ego-mind into the arms of your loving spirit. This is the year of letting go into God and gaining a sure footing in the life of your deepest intent. Aiming true is the key and to do so you must connect with your longing – feel into its seemingly bottomless source and come out victorious. Your longing is so rich and beautiful when you’re not seeking to out maneuver it, control it or make it wrong. Your longing is extremely powerful when you let go of trying to fulfill it – that is the work of your soul. Your work is surrender dear friends.

Video message:
Magnetize your energy by connecting with the heart of your longing

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