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Masiandia Spirit Guides

Spiritual Guides | Masiandia’s Identity

Many people naturally ask me who Masiandia is and where they come from. They are a group soul comprised of seven spirits whom are here to help us remember who we are.

They are here to help us strengthen our self-belief, challenge our self-deceptions, and teach us how to trust our soul evolutionary.

Their name means “movement”, such as a journey or the current in a river. It represents the way in which they work with us. Masiandia works with energy, sending signals through the cells of the body.

Therefore, they do not only communicate with words, but also send energy frequencies to our DNA, which means that they bypass our intellect to activate a deeper understanding and healing.

They communicate with us in our present lifetime as well as other lifetimes, and work with the cells of our bodies; not only in this lifetime but also the cells that are interconnected with other lifetimes. They work with us as a whole.

The Group Soul

Each of the seven spirits has its own unique characteristic and purpose.

For instance, Genevieve is playful and deliciously outrageous. She’s straightforward and impact-full.

The Source is a transcended being; a vortex of energy that is all space and no space. He/she encompasses full being-ness – being part of the whole – everything co-existing, interacting, interrelating simultaneously, thus imparting the gift of deep reassurance.

Damian is like the boss. He is the overseer, a transcended being who’s message pierces through our defenses. He’s straightforward and profoundly loving. I view him as the elder.

Yopen is an engineer of spiritual law. He assists us in better understanding our beliefs and how we create our entire existence.

Jessié is full of energy and easy to be with. He is the one that helps people feel at ease. He has lived many lifetimes on the earth plane, thus he is familiar with physical reality. He has experienced suffering on many levels, as well as deep love and healing a crippled body.

Peter is the only one that is not only in spirit form but also in three lifetimes that are not part of this earth plane; they are future lifetimes that are interwoven with my purpose as a healer.

Celessa is interesting; she is like water and air intertwined as one. She is an energy-being of pure healing light that enters into our central nervous systems to stabilize our whole body awareness. She interacts with the fluids of our bodies – interpenetrating the cerebral spinal fluid, cranium rhythm, blood, digestive acids, tissue, brain and organs. Why? To help people feel the presence of their divinity, the purity of their soul, the sacredness of who they are in order to heal.

Channeled Message

“We are sentient light beings from a galaxy seven times removed from your own. We are light years from your earth, yet involved in its evolution, as well as the evolution of many parallel Earths and other planetary systems.

Our planetary system has no physical form that is familiar to you, though it is real and viably whole. We are part of the greater Existence, as you are, which many of you know as God.

The galaxy we are from has no physical matter; it is multi-dimensions of reality much like your thoughts, feelings and felt-senses interwoven into a tapestry of all-time, simultaneously evolving from past and present perspectives that are undivided and whole.

We are limitless yet find meaning in earth limitations, because the ‘cause and effect’ relationship to earth physical-reality, is an amazing experiential way of discovering soul essence.

We take great joy in helping you through your experience, in turn we experience – we ‘feel’ through your earthly dimension. By doing this we become more effective in assisting earth’s evolution, which contributes to a healthier universe and multiple universes.

We endeavor to help you open your own channel to your higher consciousness – to source – to love, for the greater purpose of sustaining peace on earth, and peace on parallel earth dimensions and all universes. We are here to support you to be all that you can be.”


Are you hungry to know yourself?

Do you long to connect with spirit?

Join me for a profoundly enriching experience and discover for yourself the beauty and grace of channelled guidance.

Join me for BodySoul Integration and receive the blessings of who you truly are.


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