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Linda's Story

I know from experience what it is like to transform
personal trauma into self-empowerment.

My healing journey started early in life, when I began therapy in 1993 at the age of 25. As I look back, I feel profound gratitude towards the counsellor who supported me in discovering my inner strength and my intuitive and healing gifts.

I recall the first day I met her and the lengthy intake session. After divulging the extent of the childhood trauma I had endured and my desire to die, I then told her that I was fine; I didn’t think I really needed therapy. She strongly suggested that I did. (Neglect, hurt, abandonment, and feeling alone had become normal to me; I didn’t know that there was a different way to live that was more life-affirming.) My counsellor served an important role in my life; she helped me make peace with the past and connect with my intuition in a very spiritual way, one that nourished my soul.

Discovering the gift of channeling

We all have our own unique ways of processing thoughts and feelings and surrendering to our inner guidance. I’ve been fortunate to receive counselling, healing, and training with very spiritually minded people who helped me embrace all of me. It is this foundation in spiritual integrity that has provided me with skills both as therapist and spiritualist, and from which my channeling gift took root.

I discovered the rewarding gift of channeling in 1999, the first year of my counselling practice. I had learned to surrender to the creative flow and trust in spirit through my art, and had been highly sensitive to energy since my youth, which led to a natural progression into channeling. My first channeling experience is shared in my book; Mystical Intimacy

Normalizing channeling

Channeling is a healing tool, a gift from spirit to help us evolve our consciousness. In my experience, it is as natural as breathing. Like inhaling and exhaling oxygen, channeled guidance moves in and through me with my willingness to surrender. In its essence, channeling is as familiar to me as bringing a visitor a cup of tea and an encouraging word, and as formidable in the way it demands that I expand and trust.

Transposing “therapy” into a spiritual practice

Over the years, my understanding of the intricate relationship between soul and human consciousness led me to view therapy through a spiritual lens. From this perspective, all experiences are seen as assets, and all aspects of our lives as part of soul purpose. In this way, the healing journey becomes a spiritual practice – a meditative approach to observing life through none judgment. It is this practice that I share with you, to help you welcome all parts of you and to trust your unfolding journey.

I consider Linda one of the great teachers of my life.
“When I first started seeing Linda, I was very excited about speaking with Spirit (of course) and admit that I almost begrudged Linda the time she spent during each session explaining or expanding the messages of Masiandia. As time has gone on, I’ve come to realize how important Linda’s contributions to each session have been. She has been the counselor that has taught me how to integrate all the teachings into my life. Without her, the channeling itself would compare to reading a book and gaining an intellectual understanding of what I needed to change without ever actually taking the plunge. Over the years Linda has reflected, challenged, consoled, reminded, forgiven, corrected, affirmed and loved me. What more is there? I’ve also been inspired and humbled by witnessing Linda’s self work. Like all great teachers, she lives her teachings continually. Through her ongoing evolution, she is forging a path for us all to follow.” ~ Brenda

About Linda

My name is Linda L Nardelli. I am a Registered Therapeutic and Master Counsellor and Hypnotherapist, Channeler and Intuitive Healer. I offer an integrative approach that combines channeled guidance with body-centred healing to give you the opportunity to bridge spiritual guidance with your own life-experiences, and to help you heal at your own natural pace.


I offer private sessions in Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver BC, and internationally over video-call or phone.
Tel: 1 +604 738 5003

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