How would you like to live in absolute trust that everything is unfolding exactly as it should … and be clear about who you are and what sustains your well-being?

Imagine knowing for certain that every situation and person in your life is bringing you a step closer to your true purpose … assisting you in realizing your dreams.

What would it feel like to experience every issue, every relationship as a gift …
an opportunity to align with your deepest, essential nature

Inner Journey counselling is a unique therapeutic process steeped in spiritual insight that addresses the whole person as resourceful and sacred. Based on a unique integrative approach that combines Channelled Guidance with Therapeutic Counselling, Hypnotherapy, and Bodymind Healing, you can receive the support you need to address your personal issues from a whole-self perspective: body, mind, emotions and soul.

  • Shift out of limiting beliefs that prevent you from achieving your full potential.
  • Learn to listen to the wisdom of your body and emotions.
  • Free contracted energy within your nervous system and muscles.
  • Re-pattern cellular memory.
  • Release deep emotional wounds from childhood and past lives.
  • Increase your vital energy and channel creativity in all areas of your life.



Private Sessions

Discover the spiritual guidance inherent in all
your life-experiences and gain clarity and self-
realization. Understand the relationship
between your body, mind and soul and
return to harmony.


Spiritual Mentorship

Apprentice to spirit and develop the wit-
nessing self. Free the natural healer that
you are and strengthen your magnetic energy.
Learn to read energy, clear energy blocks
and enhance your intuitive knowing.



Experience profound transformational healing within the climate of a creative and therapeutic group dynamic. Enhance your authentic expression and deepen your spiritual life.


Since we started working together, I have seen incredibly concrete results and improvements both personally, professionally, and generally in my life that I know this is real. I wish more people could benefit from Linda’s guidance. It’s truly a blessing to be able to work with her. ~ S.S.

I have attempted many times to write a testimonial for Linda but it becomes a very long story, for she has helped me in so many ways that it’s very difficult to condense it all. So I am just going to tearfully thank her very much for saving my life. ~ Jean

About Linda

My name is Linda L Nardelli. I am a Registered Therapeutic and Master Counsellor and Hypnotherapist, Channeller and Intuitive Healer. I offer an integrative approach that combines channelled guidance with body-centred healing to give you the opportunity to bridge spiritual guidance with your own life-experiences, and to help you heal at your own natural pace. 


I offer private sessions in Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast and North Vancouver BC, and internationally over Skype or phone.

Tel: 1 +604 738 5003