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Do you feel overwhelmed by your environment and need to restore your sense of self?

You want to be appreciated for who you are, and yearn for meaningful connections?

Come nurture your heart and soul, root yourself in a stronger sense of your spiritual integrity and let your brilliance shine.

The Healing Alchemy Retreat is a personal-growth circle that supports individual expression and healing
within the climate of spiritual, creative, and therapeutic group processes.

Come journey back to your whole self in the company of caring witnesses, with
the support of Channeled-healing and group processes.

The workshop is designed to bring to light your unique gifts, enhance your spiritual life and free your mind and body into a harmonious expression of who you truly are.  Participants gather together in the spirit of mutual sharing and support for the purpose of uncovering and caring for each other’s needs for healing and soul nourishment.

The focus of the workshop is to cultivate deep awareness of your inner self, and share authentic and compassionate interconnections with others in an environment that supports honest communication, transparency, self-inquiry and shared exploration of personal issues and breakthroughs.

Issues that arise cover the spectrum of human experience: healing emotional wounds, spiritual emergence, the opening of the heart long closed, addiction struggles, relationship concerns, creativity, talent, right work, and more.

“The workshop was truly moving & healing. I have a deep sense of gratitude for everyone who took part in my process. I didn’t know I could handle feeling so vulnerable in a group setting. Often what we resist & fear is exactly what we need.”
– Lana

Join me on a journey of self-discovery, meaningful connection and healing alchemy.

The retreat supports profound journeying into consciousness, a group experience that integrates energy-healing and channeled guidance with participant interactions. It’s dynamic and fulfilling – an environment that fosters “aha” moments and so much more.

I love uncovering the natural gifts and talents that are part of every group dynamic. The shared experiences in the group bring about powerful healing synergy that each person can draw from. That is the magic of group healing – the intimacy that is cultivated – the truth that is claimed – the heart that is mended.

Together, the group forms a tapestry of relatedness and loving kindness that never ceases to amaze me in its depth of healing. Among every group there are healers, intuitives, people who are generous with their support and insights, as well as the tender expression of vulnerability that touches everyone involved.

“I was so touched by the deep connection and bonds between the group members. Every one just opened up completely.
The part about ‘Acceptance is not Tolerance’ made me come to the realization that I can be emotionally independent, strong, and loving, as I take responsibility for my own happiness.”
– J. W

What to expect

The group is limited to 8 participants, so you can expect an intimate setting where we foster safety and connection.

The workshop is designed to assist you in uncovering your inner resources through interactive sharing and channeled guidance that emerge naturally within the group dynamic.

This workshop offers you the opportunity to not only benefit from channeled messages given to you and your own healing process, but also receive insight and clarity by being part of the interpersonal growth of others.

Channeling plays a profoundly healing role in group-process.

Channeling is a shamanic healing tool – a gift from celestial beings designed to awakening, nurture and facilitate a deep connection with one’s inner self and authentic and empathic connection with others.

As a healing tool, channeling sheds light into areas such as core beliefs and ancestral programming, as well as it serves to deepen the synergies that unite group participants.  There is something magical that unfolds when channeled communication facilitates and guides participants into spiritual journeys and mutual support. Insight is just a start; much more in-depth awakenings take place that affect not only the person in process, but everyone witnessing the process.

“I am both honored and inspired by Linda and her love of all of us in the group. She unselfishly shares her gift and her own self with so much care and understanding, it touches my heart in ways that are hard to put into words. Thank you.”

Friday April 26th to Sunday April 28th, 2019

Full wknd residential retreat,
starting with dinner at 7:30 Friday evening
and completing workshop on Sunday at 4:00 pm.

at the Ravenstone Retreat in Hope, BC

Take advantage of the Early-bird Registration:
$655 CAD +gst before April 1st.

After April 5th, the cost is $755 CAD +gst

Includes nutritious meals and
homey 2-person accommodations.
Plus a follow-up 1-hour private phone-session.

Contact me to Register


“I’m deeply grateful for the powerfully multi-dimensional learning that I have received from the group. It has helped me become more expansive and integrated on a personal and professional level. I really appreciate how Linda incorporates the group dynamics as part of our learning. Linda mobilizes and awakens the awareness within us, instead of having us take in the channeled information passively. She works in a way that helps me experience more connection with my inner self. I also appreciate her sensitivity, her in-tune-ness, and her fierce yet gentle loving way.”
– Helen

“When I met Linda at her workshop I instantly felt safe and cared for. She has a natural grace and lightness of being and a delightful sense of fun. Her healing and channeling abilities are presented in a direct and loving way. I was deeply moved by her work and her messages to both the group and to myself. I am still feeling bathed in the energy.

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